A visit to Brown Town

Bear Republic Tribute BrownBrown Ale, that is.  Pervs.

I have an aversion to brown ales like Sarah Palin to logic and reason.  Normally colorblind when it comes to beer, too many Henry Winehards, Newcastles and that one terrible encounter with a Lost Coast Downtown Brown have left me seeing red when I am offered a brown.  OK, I don’t really get angry, but I needed to connect that color analogy somehow.

My point:  I steer clear of brown ales and what I assume will be their overly malty/metalic/sweet profile.  So when I saw a bomber from Bear Republic of a special edition “Tribute” Brown Ale, I had to holster the negative ideals I was wielding toward brown ales and give it it the ‘ol college try.   After all, as my one fan would attest, Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA is my “go to” IPA for its all-around IPA-ness. Bear-Republic-Tribute-Brown-Pint

Paint me a shade of impressed because I was—this brown ale was quite tasty.  But not at first.  In fact I had the same “dammit, I hate browns!” like the thoughts of an AZ border guard.  I was deceived… the malt character mellowed, the sweetness faded and the metallic taste usually present with a brown ale was simply nowhere to be found.  The flavor was nutty and rich…coffee, and caramelized sugar flavors abound.   I was enjoying this beer and I wasn’t sure why.   I felt dirty.  Like I’d ventured down a slippery brown slope and enjoyed it.   Still taking about a beer, pervs.

Recommend this beer?  Absolutely.  Would I drink one again?  Sure, if other options were less-than-worthy opponents.  Have my opinions on brown ales changed?  Not really, but from certain brewers, I’d try their offerings.  If they’re as tasty as Bear Republic’s Tribute Brown Ale, I’ll no longer frown on the brown.

Overall Rating: 7
Consumed in: pint glass
Pre-Buzz: none, brown ale was first beer of the evening.

– Barleywhiner

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