Sorry… For Nothing (Stone Unapologetic IPA)

I had a nearly complete beer review on my screen when the power cut out a couple months ago. I’m a professional nerd so I should be well aware of how important it is to frequently save a document. This review may have been the single greatest piece of critical prose in the history of the galaxy. Alas, all was lost. I was frustrated and approaching intoxication via my quickly vanishing liquid. I guess I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to work on a sophomore review. Mostly I’m sorry that the brilliance of my original written words is forever lost to all of civilization. At this point I don’t even remember what beer I was drinking.

In contrast to my first review, today I will evaluate a beer that a slim minority of consumers will likely see on the shelf. Before me sits a Stone 2014 Collaboration – Unapologetic IPA. Never seen nor drank it before (how exciting!). This Double IPA is the product of a partnership between Stone, Beachwood, and Heretic Breweries. Stone touts this beer as “rife with essence of pine, resin, and fruits both citrus and tropical.” I expect a mouth bomb; I just wonder if my palate will register it as overkill. Lets find out!

Appearance – Light, golden orange. Looks very close to a Ruination. Does not look like a particularly thick head so I’m anticipating semi-subdued carbonation.

Smell – It’s moments like this that I wish I had a better sense of smell… It’s subtle. More tropical than piney. It strikes me as bearing a resemblance to mango. It’s a common theme in the way I interpret the odor of these IPAs – it reminds me of tropical fruit fermenting on a forest floor. But it’s appealing and pleasant and I’m ready for a taste.

Taste – Fascinating hop blend and flavor profile. Big bomb up front, but quickly dissolving into softer sweeter flavors. The alcohol leaves my mouth a little bit dry. I know it’s yet another Double IPA, but it absolutely has some qualities that make it unique and memorable. The second sip is much less bomb-y. The pine resin flavor is present and well balanced. I don’t get a lot of citrus, rather more of the tropical mango and berry fruitiness.

Mouthfeel – It’s a little thick. Just nearing the realm of syrupiness. Leaves a little coating on the inside of my mouth. Only slightly less sticky than a Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. At 8.8% it leaves a faint tingle after the flavor passes.

Overall – This is a really tasty, well developed Double IPA. It’s not cheap, but if you see one on the shelf, do yourself a favor and carry it on up to the register. But I can’t imagine drinking more than one bomber in a sitting. This beer would probably make for the perfect nightcap. Unapologetic IPA scores 90 out of 96 on Ludwig Boltzmann’s Entropic Scale of Drinkability.



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